MOEWS Alfalfa

MOEWS offers three top alfalfa varieties for our forage and hay customers, representing the very best selections in the industry.

MOEWS alfalfa seeds are pre-inoculated with chosen strains of Rhizobium to provide maximum root nodulation and nitrogen fixation.

Use Coated Alfalfa Seed

Order Coated MOEWS alfalfa seed. The seeding rate for coated seed is the same as non-coated seed and it can increase the likelihood of germintatin and achieving a good stand of alfalfa. Why?

  • Includes a fungicide to help fight off seedling diseases.
  • Inoculant includes specially selected Rhizobium with an 18-month live Rhizobium life.
  • The seed coating may help flow through the planter and helps absorb water to the seed.
  • Proven root nodulation and nitrogen fixation.
  • Leads to better seedling emergence and stand establishment.

These varieties are selected for increased root size, traffic/compaction tolerance, increased winter survival, yield, quality, digestibility, Aphanomyces resistance and other alfalfa disease resitance.

500 Plus

  • The lead top choice aflalfa anywhere!
  • Fall dormancy 4
  • Strongly winterhardy (WH 2)
  • Resistant to Aphanomyces race 2 (HR)
  • Very high yielding alfalfa
  • High multifoliate expression
  • Disease resistance 30/30 DRI
  • High forage quality potential


  • Top Potato Leafhopper resistant variety
  • Fall Dormancy 4.1
  • Excellent winterhardiness (WH 2.7)
  • Increased glandular hair expression
  • Increased disease resistance
  • High yield, rapid regrowth
  • Disease resistance 30/30 DRI
  • Makes high quality feed


GEN Alfalfa


  • Roundup Ready® alfalfa
  • Fall Dormancy 3.8
  • Very winterhardy (WH 1.6)
  • Highly resistant to stem nematode
  • Resistant to Aphanomyces race 2 (HR)
  • Excellent forage yield potential
  • Disease resistance 35/35 DRI
  • HQ means top quality feed value

Moews Alfalfas at a glance:

500 Plus



Anthracnose HR HR HR
Verticillium Wilt HR HR HR
Fusarium Wilt HR HR HR
Potato Leaf Hopper N/A HR HR
Pea Aphid R R HR
Phytophthora Root Rot HR HR HR
Aphanomyces HR HR HR
Bacterial Wilt HR HR HR
Disease Resistance Rating 30/30 30/30 35/35
Fall Dormancy Rating 4 4.1 3.8
Winter Survival Rating 2 2.7 1.6

In addition to these three premier varieties, we also offer MOEWS 100 Brand Alfalfa, a value priced blend, selected for high yield and good disease resistance.  MOEWS alfalfa seeds are pre-inoculated with chosen strains of Rhizobium to provide maximum root nodulatin and nitrogen fixation.