2414 Conventional

104 Day RM

  • High Yielding 104 Day elite genetics
  • Very good Goss's Wilt and disease tolerance
  • Medium-tall hybrid with medium ear height
  • Responds well to nitrogen management
  • Excellent silage quality and digestibility

2815 Conventional

107 Day RM new 75px

  • New Non-GMO with higher yield potential
  • Outstanding plant health and Stay Green
  • Exceptional root strength
  • Excels at higher plant populations
  • Impressive stature and erect leaf canopy

3390 Conventional

108 Day RM

  • Robust growth makes it a very showy hubrid
  • High yield from girthy ears and deep kernels
  • Responds well to higher populations
  • Excellent stalk and root strength
  • High test weight and good grain quality

3599 Conventional

110 Day RM 

  • Durable under stress and tough conditions
  • Excellent Goss's Wilt tolerance
  • Tall stature with moderate ear placement
  • Very good natural plant health and Stay Green
  • High consistent yielder across soil types

3606 Conventional

110 Day RM 

  • Super yielding in productive soils
  • Large, girthy ear produces top yields
  • Responds well to higher plant populations
  • Excellent root system and strong stalks
  • Good Green Snap tolerance

3699 Conventional

111 Day RM new 75px

  • A top end yielding Non-GMO hybrid
  • Best performance at higher plant populations
  • Excels in productive, fertile soils
  • Flexes girthy ears with thick, deep kernels
  • Benefits from fungicide on corn ground

3712 Conventional

112 Day RM

  • Outstanding, consistent yield for maturity
  • Excellent emergence and early vigor
  • Medium statured hybrid that canopies quickly
  • Excellent roots and good drought tolerance
  • Good choice for no-till and early planting