The History Of Moews Seed

Ben E. MoewsBernhardt "Ben" E. Moews , founder of the Moews Seed Company, was born on the Moews family farm near Granville, Illinois where the company Headquarters and original plant buildings are located. Ben Moews was a very hard working man who possessed an inquisitive mind. While studying at Iowa State University, he became interested in hybrid seed corn and after returning to the Moews farm devoted his considerable intellect and energy to its development. This great pacesetter of the hybrid corn industry developed some of the most successful inbreds of that time and his revolutionary work is still highly regarded throughout the industry.

Ben Moews started producing seed corn for sale in 1926. The company incorporated in 1927 with the seed corn being sold under the brand name Moews Illini Super corn. During the drought years of the early 1930's, Moews hybrids performed so well that previously skeptical farmers were convinced of its value as compared to open pollinated seed corn.

During these years, Ben Moews showed a strong commitment to quality and integrity by his early leadership with shelling and sizing of seed, as well as an intensive program of plant breeding. From that breeding program, Ben developed M-14, one of the first commercially usable "Convergent Improved" inbreds. M-14 was the only inbred listed in the Illinois Crop Improvement Association bulletin that was not produced by the USDA. His hard work resulted in placing his own line of closed pedigree seed corn hybrids on the market in 1938. The performance of these hybrids was so tremendous that sales of Moews hybrid seed expanded very rapidly.

During the 1930's and 1940's, the company always maintained its own original plant breeding, production program, and line of hybrids. There was a two year joint sales venture with another firm that caused the brand name to be temporarily changed to Moews-Lowe Hybrids. In 1946 Mr.Moews incorporated his business under the name Moews Seed Company. By that time sales were being made in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. In early 1950, Ben Moews purchased a seed company in Boswell,Indiana and sold corn under the brand name Moews Corn Belt Company. A few years later this entity became known as the Moews Seed Company.

Tragically, Mr. Ben E. Moews died following surgery on December 29, 1950. He was a uniquely imaginative, inventive person that was a leading plant breeder of his day, in addition to demonstrating remarkable talents as a businessman. His death was a great loss to the Moews Seed Company, as well as his many friends in the agribusiness community. He was survived by his wife, Gladys S. Moews, Secretary/Treasurer of the company and by his daughter, Bettina Moews, CEO.

The 1950's saw the introduction into the sales line of sorghums, alfalfas, and other field seeds. Moews Seed also went through numerous plant expansions during the 50's and 60's in both Granville,Illinois and Boswell, Indiana. A western distribution center was added in 1966 with the construction of a plant in Perry,Iowa. Production facilities were added to Perry during 1967 to process seed corn grown nearby.

Waxy Maiz hybrids were introduced in the 1970's and received immediate acceptance by livestock producers throughout the cornbelt. The different molecular structure of Waxy corn starch substantially increases daily gains and feed efficiency in livestock. During the 1980's, plant facilities were constructed in Granville, Illinois which tripled the capacity to receive, dry, and shell seed corn grown in local production fields.

Today, our commitment remains unchanged, to provide the very best, latest genetics combined with industry leading traits to give our customers the finest choice for products that fit their farming operation. Moews Seed Company is still a family-owned business just as it was in 1927 and has not forgotten its greatest asset, its customers, which can count upon Moews for hybrids that are second to none!