Dedicated to Your Success........for 90 years!

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MOEWS has been committed to the success of Midwest corn growers since 1927 when Ben Moews started out as one of the original breeders and developers of hybrid corn. Today MOEWS is one of the few remaining totally independent and family owned corn seed companies. With our strong core base of loyal, satisfied customers in six Midwestern states, the key to MOEWS success and longevity has been in providing our customers with the best chance for top results.

We continue to develop and select the very best hybrids available in the industry. MOEWS independence allows access to the very top new products from a variety of sources, not beholden to anyone. This helps the company make unbiased, objective hybrid choices while enhancing diversity and prioritizing customer needs. 

Results are what matter.


Our Operating Principles ensure we are focused on what will lead to the results you are looking for.
Our Operating principles:

  • We believe in placing the best top performing hybrids with our customers to maximize their yields and profits.
  • We strive to provide the very best of quality in our seed products, in every bag.
  • We believe in keeping the seed buying experience as simple as possible, without gimmicks, marketing bundles, and complex programs designed to sway the customer.
  • We commit to be accessible to our customers, treating them fairly and with integrity while providing friendly, exceptional customer service.
  • We are determined to remain an independent, family owned seed company that is focused on our customer' best interest instead of corporate objectives.
  • We ensure that every hybrid in our product lineup is a top performer and the best available in its maturity or trait combination, with no second rate or mediocre products period!

Our Mission is to provide our corn producing customers with an independent alternative for the best seed products available, meeting their production needs with exceptional service.

Our Mission extends far beyond simply selling seed. Every day, we strive to grow your success as a corn farmer!

"At Moews, we've been serving Midwestern growers since 1927.  Our roots run deep within our own family and company--and in our commitment to serving generations of American farmers with quality seed"